Problemset now online!

Added by Nicky on Sunday October 16th at 18:00

The problemset of the BAPC 2011 can now be found here.

In this you can find:

*: all files ending in -slow.ext are solutions that should be too slow. C-Nicky.cs is too slow; it should not use insertion sort

Scoreboard BAPC

Added by Nicky on Sunday October 16th at 13:00

The final scoreboard of the BAPC is now online at We would like to congratulate all winners!

Exercises preliminaries

Added by Nicky on Sunday October 2nd at 20:00

The exercises of the preliminaries are available here (exercises PDF, solution slides, sample in/out, test data and jury solutions)

Final standings preliminaries

Added by Nicky on Sunday October 2nd at 10:00

This are the final standings of all preliminaries:
Groningen (other numbering, I=F)
Enschede (no nice page, sorry)

Program booklet

Added by Nicky on Thursday September 29th at 23:00

The program booklet is now available online!

C# is an allowed programming language

Added by Nicky on Saturday September 3rd at 09:52

Today we decided that C# will be allowed during the BAPC. We will use the Mono compiler to compile your programs.

You should check with your local organizing committee whether C# will be allowed during your preliminary.

Registration open!

Added by Nicky on Monday May 23rd at 13:37

The registration is now open!

All registration is done through the ICPC site (even for the preliminaries). For more information, see the registration page.

Judge updates

Added by Nicky on Saturday April 23rd at 16:28

We have updated the Online Judge! From now on, you can also reach it using .
We have added teams. Everyone can now create and / or join teams and view a scoreboard of the totals of the teams. This is handy if you want to know how your whole team in total is doing.

Later on, we will add some charts to the judge :).

Online Judge

Added by Teun on Friday April 22nd at 12:33

Today we are going to upgrade the Online Judge. Use it to practice for the programming contests!


Added by Nicky on Monday January 10th at 21:10

We have created a Twitter account @BAPC2011 for the BAPC 2011! We will use it to post fun information about the BAPC that is not meant for the website (like fun facts).


Added by Nicky on Friday January 7th at 20:14

Welcome to the website of the BAPC 2011! The site is not completely done yet, but you can already find some general information about the BAPC in 2011 here.

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